Best American Seed Banks 2023

Grow The World's Strongest Cannabis Strains

Best Seed Banks

The best seed banks in the world own the world's best cannabis and marijuana genetics at affordable prices. We offer you the largest selection of cannabis strains that have won the dragon cup. The dragon cup is a marijuana trophy awarded to the strongest strains on earth.

Medical Patients Trust Dragon Cup Winning Strains

Medical patients trust the dragon cup for finding the world's most potent pain killing strains. In today's global legalization movement, it's not just medical marijuana users looking for high THC, its also many recreational users. All our seeds are medical grade, high THC pain killing strains. We also offer you low THC and High CBD strains. And when you look at our large catalogue, you'll also find more rare strains with high THC and CBD.


The Best Seed Banks in The World

The best seed banks in the world are located in British Columbia and Amsterdam. BC Seeds is the world's most advanced seed bank and it's not by chance. British Columbia has the best climate in the world for breeding and producing cannabis seeds. Locals have grown up in a cannabis breeding community their entire life's. It's being born born into this environment and living in the best climate for breeding that moulded today's leading cannabis breeders.

Amsterdam has been the leaders in marketing cannabis seeds because of their relaxed laws on trading cannabis seeds since the 1960's.

Australians consume more cannabis on the planet than any other peoples. The Australian Seed Bank is the only legit seed bank they can order from.

Seed Banks Ship Globally

When you need a specific strain don't stress, most seed banks ship globally. BC Seeds and Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds ship worldwide.

BC Seeds has been breeding Cannabis in British Columbia for over 36 years and they have created 42 of the world's strongest strains. They have feminized strains,  auto flowering feminized strains, and they also have auto flowering feminized dwarf cannabis seeds. They have it all!

Easy & Safe Payments in Amsterdam

The trade of cannabis seeds is 100% legal in the Nederlands. You can order seeds online using your credit card for the fastest delivery times. You don;t need to stress because the product you're purchasing is 100% legal.

Auto Flowering Cannabis Strains Gaining Popularity

Right now auto flowering cannabis strains are very popular. They are typically harvest very early before police are even searching for outdoor grow operations.

They automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage with age. Cannabis is typically flowered when their light cycle is changed. This occurs when growing using 18 hours of light and then switching to a shorter light cycle of 12 hours. This induces flowering in normal cannabis plants. Auto flowering plants work differently. They flower after they reach a certain age. So instead of flowering in October, they will be ready to harvest in August.

BC Seeds works with only strong gentics that Autoflower the quickest. Many auto's sold by other seed banks can take over 100 days to flower, upsetting many customers. Their autoflowering seeds will be ready to harvest starting from germination, in less than 8-10 weeks. BC Seeds dwarf auto flowering strains have a shorter height.

Get The World's Strongest Strains For Free

BC Seeds always sends you cool, free seeds with your order. They love to add in the most expensive strains as freebies when you place a large order. Many customers resell these freebies and end up getting their orders for free and walking away with a profit. One customer wrote us stating he purchased 10 Oracle seeds, 10 Elephant Seeds and 1 pack of Infinite Euphoria, but he also received 10 Oracle Seeds and 20 Infinte Euphoria Seeds free. After flipping his 30 freebies to friends, he covered his costs for his original purchase and still had a few hundred dollars profit before even growing a single seed.


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Global Shipping

The best seed banks have global shipping. So if you're shopping from America or even Australia, we've got your back. Safe and stealth shipping with 100% guaranteed delivery.

High Profits

We have access to the world's strongest cannabis strains. You'll have better ROI and you'll also get the largest yielding strains that you'll be glad you switched to.

Easy Payment Options

We accept all sorts of payment types including BitCoins, Bank Transfer, Money Orders, Credit Cards and so many more. You'll be able to pay with the best option for you.