Best Seed Bank 2018

Best Seed Bank 2018 should be no surprise. BC Seeds has been the undisputed leader in cannabis genetics since it created Elephant Bud a decade ago. Since then they have been the only seed bank to release genetically modified weed. Strains like Sky Heaven Bud and Forever Buds has the competition scratching their heads.

 BC Seeds Wins Best Seed Bank 2018

It should be no surprise that BC Seeds Wins Best Seed Bank 2018. All the other seed banks tend to only worry about profits. So the seed banks you find advertised in magazines tend to be the ones selling high volume bulk seed with inferior genetics because they are not spending 3 million a year on cannabis R&D like BC seeds has been doing. They have spend over 33 Million in the past decade on just R&D. That’s why they have the world’s strongest weed.

World’s Strongest Strain Wins The Dragon Cup

The World’s Strongest Strain Wins The Dragon Cup 2017. If you’re looking for the best cannabis awards check out the Dragon Cup website.

Best Seed Bank 2016

They have all the latest trending cannabis strains.

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  1. Rich L on July 19, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    I wanted to leave a seed review but had a few pages to navigate before that was evident. This could be made easier to find. However I would like to sign up for the news letter. I am currently growing autoflower. If you can sign me up great. If I can request seeds i would like to try your autoflower seeds especially gorilla glue or girl scout cookie.
    Rich L

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