Best Seed Banks 2021

Best Seed Banks 2021

The Best Seed Banks 2021 has to offer for prmium grade cannabis seeds.

Top 10 Best Seed Banks 2021

  1. BC Seeds
  2. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
  3. Australian Seed Bank
  4. BC Bred
  5. Legends Seeds
  6. Dutch Seeds
  7. Vancouver Seeds
  8. THC Seeds
  9. Swiss Seeds
  10. Premiere Seeds

Top 10 Seeds Banks Mostly Located in British Columbia, Canada

You’ll notice that most of the top 10 seeds banks are located in BC. British Columbia. It’s because Canada is world famous for growing cannabis seeds because of its rainy climate. It’s perfect for growing seed because marijuana bud can easily mold in the constant rain.

Cannabis Seed Production in Canada

All the resin production goes into seed production instead of bud creation when you pollinate a female plant. In the British Columbia climate it’s the best climate in the world for breeding seeds. That’s why all the best strains come from there, all the best breeders have been living there for numerous decades.

The Dutch Seed Production

Amsterdam, Netherlands also has advanced gentics because they use cutting edge technology to help with yields and costs savings.

Swiss Cananbis Seeds

The Swiss have always had the best organic cow poop and green mountainsides to grow some really amazin weed. Switzerland has always been growing and breeding cannabis on the leading edge and they’re not too far behind on their breeding projects. So be sure to check out Swiss Seeds for their latest offerings.


Top 10 Best Seed Banks 2017

Asian Cannabis Seed Banks

Soon you’re going to see Asian seed banks start to place in the top 10, maybe as soon as 2025. There’s some interesting collaboration between the East and the West right now, especially between Japan and the West Coast USA. So keep your eyes open for some killer haze and sativa strains and hybrids coming soon.

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