Top 10 Best Seed Banks 2018

Top 10 Best Seed Banks 2018

  1. BC Seeds
  2. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
  3. Australian Seed Bank
  4. Vancouver Island Seeds
  5. Legends Seeds
  6. Dutch Seeds
  7. Vancouver Seeds
  8. THC Seeds
  9. Swiss Seeds
  10. Premiere Seeds

Top 10 Seeds Banks Mostly Located in British Columbia, Canada

You’ll notice that most of the top 10 seeds banks are located in British Columbia, Canada and in Amsterdam, Netherlands. But Switzerland has always been growing and breeding cannabis on the cutting edge and they’re not too far behind on their breeding projects.


Top 10 Best Seed Banks 2017


Soon you’re going to see Asian seed banks start to place in the top 10, maybe as soon as 2020. There’s some interesting collaboration between the East and the West right now.

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